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Map of GIS Job Listings in the US

Heat Maps in GIS

Caitlin Dempsey

Heat mapping, from a GIS perspective, is a method of showing the geographic clustering of a phenomenon.

Geolocation Data, Geofencing Warrants, and Crime

Mark Altaweel

With most adults carrying mobile devices that have GPS tracking capabilities, mapping our movements has never been easier.

Using GIS to Map and Track Vandalism

Mark Altaweel

GIS is being used to better understand current and potentially future patterns of vandalism.

Using GIS to Assess Crime Risk

Mark Altaweel

The use of GIS and spatial analysis has become an important tool in understanding crime patterns.

From Davies et al., 2016: "the results show good qualitative agreement, with 26 of the 33 boroughs showing rioter percentages in the same or adjacent bands as the data. The remaining discrepancy may be accounted for by factors specific to the London disorder, such as communication between groups, other activity patterns occurring at the time, or social factors beyond the scope of this work. "

GIS and Anti-Crime Measures

Mark Altaweel

This article takes a look at methods which demonstrate the wide and growing field of crime prevention utilizing spatial and GIS approaches.

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