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Joe Akintola is a Geographer, researcher and writer whose passion to share information is the real driving force of his career.

What is Contemporary Geography?

Joe Akintola

The study of Geography has always been evolving and at critical times there have always been question such as “why ...

A sandstone formation known as a Beehive in the Valley of Fire Nevada State Park. This formation occurs from wind and water erosion. Photo: Alex Demas, USGS. Public domain.

What are Two Main Causes of Changes to the Earth Surface?

Joe Akintola

Erosion and weathering are two forces that change the surface of the Earth over thousands and millions of years.

This The natural-color MODIS image shows the dust as it moved from North Africa, swept northeast over the Mediterranean Sea, and blanketed the atmosphere over Turkey and Greece. Source: NASA

Lodos (Wind)

Joe Akintola

The Lodos has been classified as a powerful south westerly wind (blowing from the south west) that can be found at regular intervals throughout the year in the Marmara Sea and Aegean Sea, as well as the Black Sea and Turkey's Mediterranean coast.

A trail winds up the north side of Cinder Cone volcano. Photo: Lassen NPS, public domain.

What Are the Negative Impacts of a Cinder Cone Volcano?

Joe Akintola

Cinder cone volcanoes are cone craters which are usually small and steep shaped made up of lots of little rock or ...

Continental Divides in North America.

What is a Continental Divide?

Joe Akintola

A continental divide is seen as any natural (not man-man) boundary separating precipitation.

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