Map of Oklahoma showing the incidence of fracking and earthquakes.

How Mapping Software Helps Us Analyze Earthquakes


Mapping software can help us observe trends in earthquakes, identify areas of high earthquake prevalence, and explore relationships between earthquakes and other phenomena.

A basic map showing cities with a bar graph icon for each of the cities.

Using GIS to Map Trends in Employment


This tutorials shows users how to analyze ACS data from the US Census Bureau to calculate employment shift-share and location quotient using Maptitude.

A faded aerial map with red, green, and blue areas indicating 3 minute drive times for a city.

GIS for Local Government: Economic Development and Site Selection


This GIS tutorials shows how to use Maptitude in the municipal government sector for economic development and site selection.

A faded aerial with blue lines for water mains, blue dots for water meters, and brown for sewer lines.

GIS for Local Government: Public Works


This article by Stewart Barry and Brett Lucas describes an application of Maptitude in the municipal government sector for public works.

A heat map showing density of crimes over a street map.

GIS for Local Government: Public Safety


This GIS tutorial from Maptitude shows users how to map out crime and demographics.

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