big data

A globe showing the view of the arctic and north America with animal migration tracks mapped out.

Big Data and Animal Migration

Mark Altaweel

Scientists are utilizing big data techniques that leverage modern GPS and tracking capabilities and can be combined with machine learning techniques to gain a better understanding of how animals migrate globally.

Startups and the Future of Spatial Analysis

Mark Altaweel

A growing number of startups are developing new approaches to advanced spatial analysis for everyday solutions across many fields and industries.

Detecting Flooded Roads From Satellite Imagery

Mark Altaweel

Mapping flood damage by manually examine imagery is a time-intensive and expensive process. New, automated methods using satellite data that compare pre and post-flood conditions are being developed.

Data Driven: GIS Guiding the Future

Troy Lambert

Mapping has always been data driven, and the more data we gather, the more important practical visualization of that data becomes.

Mapping Billions of Data Points in Milliseconds

Elizabeth Borneman

With its GPU power, MapD can process and map billions of data points in milliseconds.

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