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A kid sitting at an orange table with a joystick looking at a colorful map.for an article about teaching GIS to kids.

5 Ways GIS Users Can Expand Their Geospatial Skills

Caitlin Dempsey

Listed here are five practical strategies that GIS users can adopt to further develop their capabilities and grow with the geospatial industry.

A screenshot showing a transparent green polygon on top of a purple polygon with a dark grey 3D geographic background.

Crowdsourcing Archaeological Data with Participatory GIS

GIS Contributor

People with little or no training in archaeology or geographic computing systems can build GIS data using Humap's Placemaker.

OpenStreetMap relies on contributions from thousands of volunteers to contribute and edit GIS data. Screenshot taken 10-Feb-2021.

The “Bystander Effect” With Crowdsourcing GIS Data

Mark Altaweel

A recent research article found that users are less inclined to contribute to crowdsourced geospatial sites like OpenStreetMap and Waze if they know others are already contributing.

Mapping the Progression of Invasive Species with Crowdsourced Data

Olivia Harne

Researchers have mapped out approximate 48,510 harlequin ladybird (Harmonia axyridis) sightings – all obtained through participation of the public – over the course of a decade.

A Screenshot of the Yiyun Interactive Map for Ya’an Earthquake Disaster Relief (10 August 2014). Source: Elwood, Goodchild, & Sui, 2012.

GIS and Social Activism

Mark Altaweel

Groups promoting various causes are implementing geospatial approaches and GIS related technologies.

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