artificial intelligence

A completed polygon that has been digitized with artificial intelligence from a map.

Using AI to Digitize Data From Scanned Maps

Caitlin Dempsey

This AI-powered plugin is designed to automate the digitization of data from scanned maps and PDFs in QGIS for GIS users.

Screenshot showing building detection using MapFlow in QGIS.

Run AI-Mapping in QGIS over high-resolution satellite imagery

GIS Contributor

Mapflow is a QGIS plugin that lets users extract real-world objects from satellite imagery.

A section of Rwanda showing previously unmapped (yellow dots) schools. Source: Development Seed.

Mapping Schools with Artificial Intelligence

Mark Altaweel

Researchers are using AI to map schools in countries where many schools are undocumented so as to connect children with schools.

Example results on synthesizing photos from Google Maps at 512x512 resolution using Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs). Source: Isola, Zhu, Zhou, & Efros, 2018, CC BY 4.0

Converting Historical Maps to Satellite-Like Imagery

Mark Altaweel

Old maps and images can now be converted to make them similar to our modern satellite-base views, giving stylized views a more realistic appearance.

Screenshot from the Forest Observatory site.

The Important of Mapping Trees for Wildfire Management

Mark Altaweel

The California Forest Observatory, created by Salo Sciences, has applied a new artificial intelligence tool that maps every tree in California.

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