Marques Hayes

Marques Hayes is a GIS Analyst and a freelance geography writer. He has a Bachelor's degree in geography. Geography is a subject that Marques has a special interest in.
A Burmese python coiled in the grass in the Everglades.

Florida’s Burmese Python Invasion

Marques Hayes

The introduction of the Burmese Python into Florida has resulted in the decline of many native mammals in the Florida Everglades.

A view of the mountainous Brooks range in Alaska.

Geography of Alaska

Marques Hayes

Alaska's geography is characterized by its vast and rugged wilderness, diverse wildlife, towering mountains, expansive coastlines, and unique geological features.

A mosaic of satellite imagery showing the state of Kansas.

Geography of Kansas

Marques Hayes

Flat expanses, badlands, rolling hills, cuestas, and canyons shape Kansas' geography.

Map centered on North Carolina showing the three physiographic provinces.

Geography of North Carolina

Marques Hayes

Explore the diverse geography of North Carolina.

A satellite image of the state of Iowa against a black background with the state flag and USGS and NASA logos in the upper right and left corners.

Geography of Iowa

Marques Hayes

Iowa is a state with many distinct geographies.

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