machine learning

Forecasting Wildfire Behavior: Earth Observation and GIS

Mark Altaweel

Advances in GIS, remote sensing, and machine learning are leveraging land and weather data to improve fire prediction models.

An aerial image of a flock of waterfowl floating on the ocean.

Reliability of Machine Learning Maps

Mark Altaweel

Academics are increasingly adopting machine learning maps to better understand what can happen for a range of environmental events.

Screenshot showing building detection using MapFlow in QGIS.

Run AI-Mapping in QGIS over high-resolution satellite imagery

GIS Contributor

Mapflow is a QGIS plugin that lets users extract real-world objects from satellite imagery.

Set of maps illustrating how researchers used deep learning to map trees in West Africa.

Mapping Trees in West Africa

Mark Altaweel

Researchers used high resolution satellite imagery and machine learning to map trees in West Africa.

A section of Rwanda showing previously unmapped (yellow dots) schools. Source: Development Seed.

Mapping Schools with Artificial Intelligence

Mark Altaweel

Researchers are using AI to map schools in countries where many schools are undocumented so as to connect children with schools.

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