Katarina Samurović

Katarina Samurović is an environmental analyst and a freelance science writer. She has a special interest in biodiversity, ecoclimatology, biogeography, trees, and insects.
A shaded relief map with green overlay showing the historic range of the American Chestnut.

American Chestnut: the Struggle to Save the ‘Redwood of the East’

Katarina Samurović

Scientists and conservationists are working to rescue the American Chestnut from going completely extinct.

A beaver drinks water at a pond surrounded by a grassy meadow.

How the Beaver-Wolf Dynamic Modifies Forests

Katarina Samurović

Researchers are studying how wolves shape forests by limiting beaver foraging, keeping them close to water to avoid predation.

A diagram with shrubs and trees planted together to explain a Miyawaki Forest.

Benefits of Microforests

Katarina Samurović

Microforest projects use the Miyawaki method fast-track the growth of dense, biodiverse forests, aiming to achieve full growth in 20-30 years.

A shaded relief map of the northern part of the United States and Canada showing areas in green that are boreal and hemiboreal forests.

Boreal Forests of North America are Shrinking

Katarina Samurović

Boreal forests in North America are defying predictions of northward expansion in response to climate change.

A gray shaded relief map of California showing in shades of green where climate mismatched forests are in the Sierra Nevada.

Zombie Forests in the Sierra Nevada

Katarina Samurović

Climate change is creating a vegetation climate mismatch in the conifer forests of California's Sierra Nevada.

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