A series of three images: top is a gray shaded relief, middle is a black and white contour image, and the bottom is a digital elevation model in shades of red with darker red indicating higher elevation.

Overview of Elevation Data

Jeff Oppong

This article reviews some of terminology and types of elevation based datasets available to GIS.

Screenshot showing contours in brown and green in ArcGIS Pro.

How To Create Contours in ArcGIS Pro from LIDAR Data

Jeff Oppong

This ArcGIS Pro tutorial shows how to add LIDAR data from the National Map to ArcGIS Pro and create topography contours.

A lidar image of Washington DC show elevations of the buildings and streets.

Lidar Explained

Caitlin Dempsey

Lidar is a technology developed to map the elevation of features on and below the surface of the Earth.

Building structure captured beneath tree canopy. Image: VeriDaaS, used with permission.

Next-generation Lidar: Seeing the Forest Through the Trees

GIS Contributor

Next-generation Geiger-mode lidar’s high density and multi-angle looks offer a better chance of seeing through tree foliage to map what's underneath.

Geiger mode 3DEP lidar point cloud over Chicago, IL from 3DEP Project USGS Lidar Point Cloud IL 4County Cook 2017. Image: Jason Stoker. USGS, Public domain.

Geiger-mode Lidar and Geospatial Data Acquisition

GIS Contributor

Paul Nash discuses Geiger-mode lidar and its use in geospatial data acquisition.

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