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The characteristic bull’s-eye patterned rash after the bit from a blacklegged tick infected with Borrelia burgdorferi. Photo: Centers for Disease Control

How Climate Change is Affecting Tick Season

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As the global climate warms, it is more likely that some ticks will remain active through the warmer winters and can expand their habitats into new areas.

Figure: Gao & Kupfer, 2018

Defining Biogeographic Regions

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A recent paper published in Applied Geography explored ways to improve the determination of biogeographic regions using clustering techniques.

Habitat Fragmentation: A Multi-Scale Approach detailing its lasting impact on Earth’s ecosystems

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An analysis performed at multiple spatial and temporal scales argues that destruction and degradation of natural ecosystems are the primary cause of global declines in biodiversity.

Algae Boom in Lake Erie in 2015. Source: NASA.

Framework for Protecting Marine Life and Humans from Harmful Algal Blooms (HAB) in the Gulf of Mexico

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The US Integrated Ocean Observing System and GCOOS-RA collaborate with local institutions to monitor harmful algal blooms.

Falkor Seamount. Image credit: Schmidt Ocean Institute

Research Vessel Falkor Inspires Name for Newly-Discovered Seamount

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A newly discovered underwater mountain was found by researchers off the island of Guam.